A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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For two days Fox’s Bill O’Reilly has been pontificating about “heavy weapons”, bulk ammunition sales and the need for the FBI to keep an eye on anyone who purchases either.  Initially I thought I could clear this up with O’Reilly by sending him an email pointing out his factual errors and correcting them, such was not the case.  On Mon., July 23 he stated the following:

 1.  “Anyone who sells a heavy weapon should be compelled to report the sale to the FBI”.  Bill considers a semi-auto AK-47 or AR15 to be a “heavy weapon” while anyone knowledgeable in firearms knows they are simply semi-auto rifles.

2.  “Some gun dealers do background checks but nobody reports the sale of weapons like AK-47’s to the Feds”.  Let’s break this down.  Is Bill talking about semi-automatic rifles or full auto machine guns?  On Monday we didn’t know but on Tuesday, when Bill asked or rather bullied Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz on the subject he said “...semi-auto, full auto, I want them reported to the FBI”.  The Congressman tried, in vain, to politely educate O’Reilly but was continually shouted down with a tirade of “60,000 rounds Congressman, I want them watched by the FBI”.

 The Congressman then tried, again in vain, to explain that it was the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives that handled these matters, not the FBI but O’Reilly would have none of it and continued to drown him out with his finger pointing overbearing manner.

 3.  Finally, the most absurd O’Reillyism; “You can buy a machine gun and they don’t know”.  It boggles the mind that such a well educated man with a staff that can reach the ends of the earth to research items for the show can’t determine in less than one minute that machine guns are the most heavily regulated of all firearms in this country.  Once more, Congressman Chaffetz tried to explain this and again was shouted down by O’Reilly.

 To sum up O’Reilly’s position on medium powered, semi-automatic rifles; he wants the FBI to be alerted if you buy one and he wants an agent to watch you and check you out.  In other words, you are guilty of something until proven innocent.  This would require new laws, a change to our Constitution and a fundamental shift in our form of government.

 A few words come to mind to describe O’Reilly’s rant, courtesy of Bill himself; a pinhead who is obtuse and churlish and has been seen, over a two day period, to engage in bilge while giving more educated than he the opinion that he is simply a nimrod.

 Dave Vann

Co-Founder, &


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