A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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Shall Not Be Questioned

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State ...
  • Some of you have probably seen the story of a Russian National connected to an influence operation involving the NRA being arrested on charges of spying. I’ve read the actual criminal complaint against her and it’s hard for me to see how she’s not guilty as hell of what she’s being charged with just based […] Related posts: Russian Agent Hypothesis NRA Part of Russia Conspiracy Now Sanctions?

  • The gun control powers that be must have anticipated that the DOJ would settle with Defense Distributed, because I’m seeing a lot of articles like this. “Criminals are making their own weapons because they cannot buy them legally … or they are paying other people to make those guns for them to get around the […] Related posts: Letter to a Local State Representative Microstamping Hits the Badger State New York Times Covers 3D Printing for Guns

  • My parents were both heavily involved in civic culture. My mother was in three or four civic groups. My father was a volunteer firefighter pretty much my entire life, which for those not familiar with how those run in Pennsylvania, are effectively social clubs that fight fires. They are not unlike gun clubs, except they […] Related posts: On Organized Ranges The Aging Shooting Sports Northampton County Club in Trouble

  • They essentially gave up, agreed to pay attorneys’ fees to DD, and agree that going forward, small arms that aren’t machine guns or destructive devices won’t be considered munitions. If you recall, Defense Distributed was forced, under International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) to remove plans for firearms, arguing that posting the plans online constituted […] Related posts: The Original Defense Distributed Cody Wilson Sues State Department Department of State Comments on ITAR Rule Changes

  • He was the dissenter in Heller II. In my judgment, both D.C.’s ban on semi-automatic rifles and its gun registration requirement are unconstitutional under Heller. In Heller, the Supreme Court held that handguns – the vast majority of which today are semi-automatic – are constitutionally protected because they have not traditionally been banned and are […] Related posts: Heller II: The Dissent Hey NSSF – Research This California Court of Appeals Rejects Assault Weapon Challenge

  • New Jersey is already, arguably, number one or two for states with the strictest gun control, and most unfriendly to gun ownership. But that’s not stopping people from asking for more. Note the typical argument: reducing our interests in preserving the 2nd Amendment down to an economic one, pushed by corporations seeking profit, rather than […] Related posts: Pep Talks Careful What You Wish For Quote of the Day

  • I had the plates turned around for the practice portion leading up to the match. Then the big reveal: I think we can all agree that King George was thoroughly trounced: I think I may be wanted in the UK for a hate crime now. Related posts: Falling Plates Zeroed In and Ready to Go Happy Independence Day


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  • This guy’s an NRA Board Member: Pro-gun rocker Ted Nugent turns away firearms from his Roanoke show

  • The Army’s Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle looks to do it all: The aim is for the NGSARs to fire bullets at pressure levels similar to those achieved by tanks when they fire. Rounds will smash through advanced adversary body armor even at a distance, allowing soldiers to accurately shoot while maintaining a safe distance […]

  • The ACLU: A Pro-Liberty Case for Gun Restrictions In a nutshell, school shootings have lead to increased searches, more surveillance, and other things that infringe on liberty. If we had gun control, those would go away. Except, you know, they will not go away no matter the gun control. The various Wars on Nouns would […]

  • Alien Pistol From Laugo Arms. Looks good. FN 509 Tactical

  • I learned a few things: Things You Know: Origins Behind a Few Tactical Facts

  • Ninth Circuit Upholds Preliminary Injunction Against Magazine Confiscation in California This seems like a good thing.

  • Have 5 guns. Though I do not have one off site.

The Truth About Guns

Exploring the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns The Truth About Guns
  • As you’re undoubtedly aware, FN did not win the military’s Modular Handgun System trials. But that doesn’t mean we can’t all benefit from the development, learning, and progress the company made while engineering to Uncle Sam’s requirements. In fact, all you need to take advantage of that is a cool ,049 to exchange for the FN […] The post Gun Review: FN 509 Tactical 9mm Pistol appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • courtesy “Frankly, this is no surprise. The Mayor and Council are trying to prevent children from accessing guns with this Safe Storage legislation. If the NRA and SAF want to be on record fighting responsible gun ownership, that’s their choice.” – Seattle city attorney Pete Holmes in Seattle residents, Bellevue gun-rights group, NRA sue Seattle over gun-storage […] The post NRA and SAF Sue City of Seattle Over New Gun Storage Law appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • courtesy Northam creates separate school safety work group that could look at gun control TTAG reader Chris thinks this is an attempt to end-around the legislative committee, designed to put more gun control options on the table. As Virginia lawmakers grapple with the best way to approach student safety, Gov. Ralph Northam has created his own […] The post Northam’s End Around, a 2A Turning Point and Hogg’s Thud – TTAG Daily Digest appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • Clifford Chandler is a Georgia state criminal investigator. Here’s what he has to say about his carry gun: I’ve changed my EDC over the last year and I am truly satisfied with this setup. The handgun is a tack driver and the .357SIG is a truly robust cartridge. I feel quite satisfied with this rig […] The post Fighting Back To Your M4 – Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • courtesy Texans buy one out of every five pickup trucks sold in the US. Last year over half a million pickup trucks were sold here. And Texans really love their trucks. Which is why you should probably pick another target if you’re going to hijack a vehicle. From A suspected carjacker is dead after the […] The post Houston Man Shoots and Kills Thief Who Tried to Steal His Pickup Truck appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • courtesy Read part one here.  By PA Deacon “But they’re weapons of war!” Many conversations on civilian firearms seem to begin or end with an emphatic yet uninformed statement for more gun-control. How do you respond to these claims by the poorly informed or malicious? Don’t get emotional. Logic, constitutional law, modern history, and data can […] The post I Didn’t Grow Up With Guns: Defending Gun Rights – Part 2 appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • The new National Rifle Association President Oliver North came to the heart of the USA – Effingham, Illinois Thursday. God, country and family marked the three primary themes of his visit. Of course, he threw in a health dose of guns for good measure as well. That seemed appropriate as Effingham County holds the distinction […] The post The NRA President Comes to Effingham, Illinois appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

The Firearm Blog

Firearms not Politics
  • Good evening everyone and welcome back to TFB’s Friday Night Lights. In our recurring series we hope to bring you everything from basic illumination tips like every day carry choices and weapon lights to more advanced topics like the use of night vision and thermal imagery during hunting and in the shooting sports. This week […] Read More … The post FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: SureFire X400V Light, IR Laser & IR Illuminator appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • Radian Weapons has introduced a new AR-15 charging handle called Raptor-SL. This new product is based on the company’s Raptor charging handle series. Unlike the more common tendency of new charging handles coming with extended latches, the Raptor-SL has latches of reduced length. As the company notes, the reason for employing these small latches is to […] Read More … The post New Raptor-SL AR-15 Charging Handle by Radian Weapons appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • Although the 9x19mm MA-13 MK II design was first seen online in 2012, there is still relatively not much known about it outside of the Myanmar Police Special Task Force that has been seen utilizing it as standard issue, albeit sparingly. Staying within the previous designation of the Burmese Defense Industries license produced copy of […] Read More … The post The MA-13 MK II: Myanmar’s Steyr/Micro Uzi Knock Off appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • At a recent amnesty program held by the Israeli Defense Forces, a first model Dror in .303 British turned up along with a number of other small arms that had been surrendered as part of a drive to return historical small arms from IDF veterans or otherwise. In this particular case, the Dror that was […] Read More … The post Israeli Weapons Amnesty Turns up Early .303 Dror Variant appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • During the last day of the Swedec EOD Exercise a test was conducted to demonstration an explosion of a hand grenade. The test was done in Sweden and it was captured on high speed camera. Imagine a family of mannequins sitting at the dinner table. The conversation is a bit silent, but all is happy […] Read More … The post Demonstration of the effects of blowing up a hand-grenade at the dinner table appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • Although not entering active service in large numbers, the Burmese state-operated defense armaments production wing, Defense Industries has been quietly working on what appears to be 9x19mm NATO Glock-pattern copy in the guise of a second generation variant without finger grooves and no light capable slide on the frame. Without more in-depth comparison it is difficult […] Read More … The post MA5 MK II: The Burmese Tatmadaw’s Production Glock Handgun appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • Orbital ATK and Heckler & Koch have reached a settlement in their lawsuit which saw ATK sue the German firearms giant for million. The case was filed in early 2017, with ATK demanding compensation for the failure of Heckler & Koch to deliver 20 XM25 prototypes. The two companies had worked together on the […] Read More … The post Orbital ATK and Heckler & Koch Settle XM25 Lawsuit appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

The Michael Bane Blog

Author and host of the hit OUTDOOR CHANNEL show SHOOTING GALLERY spouts off...
  • Good grief! An article I agree with in NRO (excepting Charles Cooke, their In-house Brit Second Amendment absolutist, with whom I rarely find fault). I'm a single issue voter, as I'm pretty sure you guys know by now. My rationale is and has been that a person's stance on the individual ownership of firearms and their views on the personal responsibility of carrying firearms tells me -- quite

  • last post seems to have disappeared from Facebook...probably a technical glitch...LOL! So here it is on the Blog. Hey Facebook...Happy Independence Day, you fascist bastards! You probably know I unconditionally support Tess Thompson Talley in this manufactured controversy, as I support all forms of legal hunting. I also feel for her, coming off the hunt of her life, to be made to

  • Here's the lowdown on Africa 2018! We were hunting at Ft. Richmond Safaris about an hour and a half from Kimberly, with Richard's and my very good friend Geoffrey Wayland doing the PH duty. The property we were hunting on was roughly 10,000 acres, with hills, acacia savannas and thorn thickets that proved to be a lot denser when you were stalking through it than it looked from the hilltops

  • FROM BEARING ARMS:  "Basically, to use their terminology, they’re trying to “other” us.You see, when you successfully “other” a group, you’re capable of doing any horrible thing. You essentially classify a group as something other than human, thus it becomes easy to commit atrocities against those people. It’s how the Nazis were able to do such terrible things to the Jews. They’d already “

  • Things lost; things gained; the past, as always, remains. The thing is I don’t remember the first time I had a gun in my hands. It seems like something I should remember, some profound milestone to mark the passing from childhood to the mysterious realm of the adults. But...nothing. I do remember my father and his brother, Uncle Sonny, sitting on the porch of my grandparents’ ramshackle

  • The complete rig, two Taylors 1872 Open Tops on 1860 Army gripframes, in .44 Russian, completely overhauled by Jeff Ault at Munden's Six-Gun Magic and Will Ghormley's"Flames of Hell" holsters from 3:10 TO YUMA. To say the actions are now "good" is a vast understatement…they are some of the best single action triggers I have ever felt, period. In fact, the trigger is as good as the action/trigger

  • DROPPED SHOT A WEE BIT OF BACKGROUND Definition of DROPPED SHOT: In the practical shooting sports, a shot that fails to hit the target; a miss. Sometime in mid-1985 I first wrote those words for the first time, for the newly minted FRONT SIGHT Magazine, the journal of the United States Practical Shooting Association. I was the founding editor, and DROPPED SHOT was my back page column.

The War on Guns

Notes from the Resistance...
  • I'll be gone until the 30th. Please hold off on comments, emails and social media communications until I return, as I won't be able to attend to anything sent during my absence.AmmoLand should be publishing a few more of my submissions in the interim. I won't be around to post announcements, so anyone interested can check my summary page to see what turns up there.

  • Such a requirement could not come at a more dangerous time. Not only is land being taken from whites, the political sentiment and rhetoric in the country is heating up to the point of being explosive. [More]Hey, they're only after the "illegal guns," right? So what's the problem?

  • Republican lawmakers are inquiring into an order from U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp that theoretically allowed the state to seize citizens’ firearms ahead of Hurricane Irma last year. [More]They're just getting around to this now? And they'll do what with it?Some of us were urging an exercise of constitutional powers 10 months ago.And sorry about the Twitter link. That's on Fox.[Via Jess]

  • Democratic Candidate’s Husband Received 0,000 From Firms Tied to Ukrainian Contract Killing Sponsor [More]So "fighting for gun control is personal for her"...[Via Jess]

  • Just add a "y" and it's "yourselves and your Posterity." [More][Via Michael G]

  • [More][Via Felix B]

  • “We are proud to support a majority of the nation’s law enforcement agencies and we will continue to focus on providing the best ammunition to their officers each and every day. We are honored to be the ammunition brand of choice for the nation’s largest agency, the New York City Police Department. Speer Gold Dot duty and training rounds have a 20-year history supporting more than 35,000 NYPD officers who protect and serve their communities.” [More]The enforcers they are proud to support are more than willing to ruin the life of any citizen caught up in New York City's innumerable citizen disarmament Intolerable Acts.

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

"Send lawyers, guns and money. The shit has hit the fan." - Warren Zevon
  • It seems any act of violence with a firearm in or near a school is considered a "school shooting". It matters not that the act of violence had nothing to do with the school, happened after hours, or involved no one affiliated with the school as either the shooter or the victim(s).By now many, if not most, have seen the shootout during a car chase between Las Vegas Metro Police and two suspects in black...

  • The Las Vegas Review-Journal is reporting that the SHOT Show will be expanding their venues in order to allow more exhibitors. While the Sands Expo Center will still be the primary location through 2027, they will expand to the MGM Grand Convention Center in 2020 and to the planned Caesars Forum in 2021.The National Shooting Sports Foundation recently signed a contract with MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment Corp. to bring the four-day trade show...

  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is conducting an online survey now through the end of August to determine if there is interest in opening up certain public game lands to Sunday hunting. The restriction on Sunday hunting with a firearm had been in place since 1869. However, in 2015, the General Assembly removed this restriction from private land. In 2017, the General Assembly gave public land managers including the Wildlife Resources Commission the authority...

  • The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission announced yesterday that they were going to have a (very!) limited alligator hunting season in 2018. The hunt will be by permit only with a total of 20 permits issued. Alligator hunting will be limited to three areas within Hyde County in coastal eastern North Carolina.If you ever aspired to be the Troy Landry of North Carolina, it won't be cheap. Resident permits will be 0 and non-resident permits...

  • Amazon Prime Day starts tomorrow at 3pm EDT. It will be 36 hours of specials for Amazon Prime members. However, you can sign up for a 30-day free Prime trial and cancel it before the end of the 30 days without having to pay a thing.It is my understanding the products like Kindles and Alexa will be offered at up to 50% off. The Complementary Spouse loves her Kindle Fire(s).The reason that I'm posting about...

  • The Republican Party is often derisively called the Stupid Party because of the dumb stuff it does. Things like firing my friend Rachel Malone or things like caving to demands from people who will never vote for them. The latter is the case in North Carolina with the Republicans in the North Carolina Senate.North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (sic), NCGV, a wholly owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg's Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors, sent out an...

  • The Second Amendment Foundation, the Calguns Foundation, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and the Firearms Policy Foundation have come together to sue the California Department of Justice, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and the head of the California Bureau of Firearms. Their complaint, filed in Shasta County Superior Court, is a constitutional challenge to the bullet button registration system and a writ of mandamus requiring the state to allow people to register as required under state law....

Off Grid Survival – Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills

An online resource for survival information. From wilderness and urban survival to emergency preparedness and off grid living, we provide you with the knowledge you need to survive in any situation.
  • President Donald Trump pardoned Oregon cattle ranchers Dwight Hammond and his son, who had both been targeted by the BLM & the federal government in a harassment campaign that lead to the 2016 occupation of an Oregon wildlife refuge. [...] The post Trump Pardons Oregon ranchers who inspired Showdown between Militia and Federal Government appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • A Bridgeport, Connecticut man who was assaulted by three black teenagers while he was at work at a Dunkin’ Donuts will have to spend 18 months in jail for stabbing one of the attackers. [...] The post Crazytown USA: Assault Victim Gets 18 months in Prison for Defending Himself! appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • Fears are growing over a new strain of bird flu that is killing 38% of the people who contract it. [...] The post DISEASE X: Disastrous Strain of New H7N9 Bird Flu Kills over THIRD of those who Contract it. appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • A new outbreak of Ebola is hitting the northwest Democratic Republic of Congo. So far there have been 17 confirmed deaths in what local officials are calling a 'public health emergency with international impact.' [...] The post New outbreak of Ebola kills 17 in Congo appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • Toronto Police have confirmed that nine people are dead and 16 more are are injured after a man purposely drove a rented Ryder van into pedestrians in the city’s Yonge and Finch area [...] The post Vehicle Attack in Toronto – Nine people are dead, 16 Injured after Van Attack appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • In a collective freakout from morons like Dana Loesch and her Steroid Freak Hipster Husband, the Lynch mob went into overdrive this weekend with threats of boycotts because supposedly Yeti Coolers now hates gun owners. [...] The post Yeti Responds to the NRA Lynch Mob in Email saying they Support the Second Amendment appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods is Literally Destroying its AR-15 Inventory Instead of Selling it or returning it Back to Manufacturers [...] The post Dick’s Destroying Black AR-15 Inventory instead of Selling or Returning back to Manufacturers appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

Musings Over a Barrel

Shooting, freedom, and a good beer at the end of the day...

  • I recently took part in an intensive two days of competitive pistol training under the tutelage of Brandon Wright of Wright Shooting. Brandon is a Distinguished Master in IDPA and a USPSA Grand Master shooter, and a member to Team Smith & Wesson. In addition to his shooting accomplishments, he’s an excellent instructor. The seven others in the class were folks I shoot with regularly, which added to the fun, and even created a bit of friendly competition.Throughout the two days of Competitive Pistol II, Brandon reviewed, in great detail, both the fundamentals and advanced techniques employed in competitive shooting. We discussed not only the how but also the why of the techniques we covered. And we ran the associated drills, over and over, as our very observant instructor demonstrated, watched, critiqued, and corrected.While the techniques we learned were applicable to action pistol shooting in general, the emphasis of the class was on IDPA competition. The major themes of the class were efficiency in getting to the shooting, and then making accurate shots. With the 2017 IDPA scoring change to one second...

  • Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?It's been a busy week, but not one that was filled with shooting activities, nor even good beverages. On the bright side, today is my "Friday" as I am taking tomorrow off to begin two intense days of competitive pistol training with a great instructor. I hope to have an AAR on that next week.Next week I'll be stuck in America's worse run city for work meetings. It's my intent to experience nothing self defense related to write home about! We'll return to regular programming soon.Meanwhile, have a look at some of these folks. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Barrel ]

  • It's been a while since we made it to the monthly match at Sanner's Lake in Lexington Park, MD. The past two I've signed up for have been rained out, so Saturday's unseasonably cool, and dry, forecast was a welcome sight. (And something I checked frequently in the days leading up to the match.) As I drove past the farms en route to the rendezvous to pick up my shooting accomplice, I noted the car thermometer read 68° and the corn stalks were moving in the breeze. It was going to be a pleasant day.The Sanner's Lake puts on a remarkably well organized match with six quick and fun stages set up. The first stage we shot had a long wall across the bay with targets to be found at both ends and in the middle. Starting with a turn and draw we engaged a couple of targets before moving to a narrow opening in the center. From there we shot paper targets and two falling steel poppers. Continuing across the stage we made a hard lean around the wall...

  • Relax, I'm talking about a new gun.  :-)The money invested in new firearm goes well beyond the cost of the gun itself. There's always a variety of holsters to buy, magazine carriers, extra magazines, and of course copious rounds of practice and self-defense ammunition to verify the operation of the weapon. Since I am anticipating the purchase of a SIG P365 at some point in the not-too-distant future, I've been "pre-loading" some of those supplies. The calendar in spring and summer is also full of holidays when many suppliers offer sales, so I've been taking advantage of those as well.No one waits until the baby arrives to begin preparing the nursery, right?Still to be added; belt magazine carrier, extra magazines...  And the gun. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Barrel ]

  • It's Friday. Let's start the weekend with a laugh.Cops. Terrorists. Guns. No sex. No profanity. They probably wouldn't allow comedy like this on TV these days. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Barrel ]

  • It's heating up out there, in more ways than one. Summer is no time to let down your guard. During the warmer months, I prefer cargo shorts and t-shirts for casual wear. (I actually prefer cargo pants all year, fashion be darned.) During these thin cover garment months my holster and gun is harder to conceal, and ends up against my bare, and often sweaty, skin. To overcome that, I'll occasionally carry a compact gun in a Sticky Holster in the front cargo pant pocket. Instead of a magazine pouch on my belt, I use a SnagMag carrier for the extra magazine.Drawing from the pant leg pocket holster is slower and less convenient than my regular IWB holster setups, so some of my dry fire time is spent drawing from the Sticky Holster. In the unlikely event I need to get the gun out, I neither want to think about where it is, nor fumble the draw.Retrieving the extra magazine from the SnagMag in my pocket is also a different motion than grabbing a mag from the belt. I use...

  • I have mixed feelings about this week's practice session. It's probably best summed up as "Well, almost."I started out with some SHO and WHO shooting at 10 yards. That part of the afternoon I was especially pleased with, despite not having practiced those skills in a while. Following that, I hung a target at 20 yards to get in the distance practice that I had skipped last time. After the first magazine I pulled the target in close enough to see the holes, and noted I was shooting low. I adjusted my aim fore the next 40 rounds and saw a lot more centered holes. At the distance it's hard to focus on a specific spot on the target so I wasn't expecting touching groups, but still need to work on tightening it up a bit.For the last third of my 150 round allocation I decided to have another run at a fast Julie Golob 50 round drill. I did this one at 10 yards and tried to shoot it as quickly as possible. I had the same issue I...

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