A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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Shall Not Be Questioned

The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State ...
  • I’m seeing a lot of gun owners out there having unrealistic expectations about what this case will accomplish. I don’t think you’re seeing the beginning of the end for Second Amendment litigation. But maybe the end of the beginning, if we’re lucky. As I wrote on Zuck’s Facebook of Horrors: Kennedy retires and now you […] Related posts: Another Bold Suit Court Weighing Cert on Carry Case Roberts Not Liking Standards of Review

  • Looks like SCOTUS has granted Cert in NYSRPA v. City of New York, which challenges the city’s prohibition on removing a licensed firearm from the City. This is great news. It would seem Kennedy’s retirement may have changed things, and this is a case where the stakes are not that high if Roberts goes wobbly, […] Related posts: Win in Palmer vs. DC! Not Good News We’re Going to the Supreme Court

  • Ace of Spades doesn’t get the people who don’t want their elected politicians to fight for their interests. He points out: I think the biggest difference between the cuck and non-cuck wings of the Republican party (apart from the cucks being liberals) is that non-cucks valorize audacity and aggression, whereas cucks valorize caution and defensiveness. […] Related posts: Licking my Wounds Charges of “Whataboutism”: A Pet Peeve of Mine A New Party System?

  • It’s been fun to watch social media, and all the people on pointing fingers at anyone but themselves. If you really give a shit on the issue to the point of inflexibility, you’re part of the problem. I don’t really think a border wall will accomplish what people expect it to, but can’t you give […] Related posts: We’re All Racists Now Red Meat for their Respective Bases Prepping the Ground for the Suppressor Fight

  • Thought of the day, and I guess open thread: if the shit is going to hit the fan, so to speak, I think it’s going to start in a blue state. The excrement will be put in motion by narrow minded urbanites forcing policies on rural people that ruin them. What state will this happen […] Related posts: Mass Shooting at Community College in Oregon No Stabby Haven’t Forgotten

  • NRA Board Member and Magpul EVP Duane Liptak is addressing the NRA hate that’s popular as of late. The growth in NRA hate does not surprise me. We’re on the defensive, and there’s a lot of people who don’t understand there’s such a thing as a no-win scenario. So when NRA does things like push […] Related posts: A Bump Stock Ban BATFE Haz ATF Won’t Reclassify Bump Stocks The Evolving Deal on SHARE and National Reciprocity

  • Are you a type 3 FFL, Collector of Curios and Relics? John Richardson has some preliminary language. By my reading, transfers have to go through a dealer, importer, or manufacturer. So if you have a C&R, you could buy from Century or a dealer at a gun show, but you couldn’t buy from another C&R […] Related posts: Harry Reid Proposes New Background Check Bill Nevada Background Check Initiative Can’t Be Implemented Further Proof the Background Check Issue is a Red Herring


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  • Dave Kopel has a detailed look at the upcoming case.

  • Bloomberg is all about arming the police at Johns Hopskins.

  • Mueller is looking into their relationship. The article also mentions that silly Russian spy thing, which is a non-story.

  • I’m not there but other people are: Shooting Illustrated’s coverage The Gun Feed with all the links. Stuff from Tam

  • Paramax

  • The Supreme Court has granted cert in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. City of New York, New York case. At issue is if the city’s travel requirements pertaining to transporting firearms is constitutional: The case concerns a New York City ban on transporting handguns except directly to and from shooting […]

  • In Virginia, all the gun control failed.

The Truth About Guns

Exploring the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns The Truth About Guns
  • This daily carry shows a Glock 19 with a few aftermarket additions including an RMR and a Streamlight WML with a laser. Here’s the question. Do you think this particular WML is enough for a carry gun since it has a laser or do you think the RMR is a good partner for it? Conversely, […] The post Red Dots and Red Lasers: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • courtesy Crossbreed If you’re one of the many people interested in the latest offerings from Glock, don’t forget, you need a holster, too. With that in mind CrossBreed is offering a new line of G43X holsters: For those favoring IWB carry, CrossBreed® Holsters offers the SuperTuck®, MiniTuck®, Freedom Carry®, Appendix Carry®, and Mini Appendix Carry® for the […] The post NEW CrossBreed G43X Holsters appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • We stopped by the Hodgdon booth at the SHOT Show this morning to talk with Chris Hodgdon, who told us his new mission is to get more shooters into reloading.  He said founder Bruce Hodgdon got the powder company up and running, in part, by partnering with component and press makers to set out on […] The post Coming to a Gun Store Near You: The Hodgdon Reloading Road Show appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • courtesy Leupold With the introduction of their value-priced VX-Freedom line and additions at the high end like the excellent Mark 5HD, Leupold’s been going great guns. So to speak. Things are so good, in fact, that the Beaverton, Oregon company has announced that they sent a new record for the number of scopes built in 2018. Here’s […] The post Leupold Sets New Record for Number of Riflescopes Built in a Year appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • I happen to like Lancer Systems a lot. They make my favorite AR mags on the market. I SBR’d their lower because I liked it so much. I run their carbon fiber handguard and fixed stock on another gun, and have a very high opinion of their complete AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. But these new […] The post SHOT Show: Lancer Systems Aerial Interdiction Rifle and Modular Handguard appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • The long-awaited .380 ACP open-top revolver from Cimarron will finally be available for sale. This is a beautiful little gun that blends old-school revolver technology with the .380 cartridge. You may notice that there is no loading gate. That’s not a mistake. The rounds are held in by the edge of the frame when loaded. […] The post SHOT Show: New Products From Faxon Firearms, Cimarron, and More appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

  • Courtesy A. Valdes Palmetto State Armory is working to bring the masses an affordable, American-made MP5. Due to an issue with a parts manufacturer not making some components to the required specs PSA demanded, the release was delayed. But fear not, PSA is looking at a late Q3 or early Q4 release with a MSRP below ,300 and […] The post SHOT Show: Palmetto State Armory MP5 Update appeared first on The Truth About Guns.

The Firearm Blog

Firearms not Politics
  • I am always glad to see a  well established manufacturer continue to refine their products as well as move forward with new ones.  From what I saw XS Sights is doing just that.  The big dot sight is certainly nothing new.  I have been using one is some form or another for almost 10 years now.  […] Read More … The post [Shot 2019] New Developments from XS sights appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • ak-9 pistol While visiting the Wolf ammunition booth at SHOT 2019, I noticed a very unique OD green AK pistol on the wall with a Gear Head Works PSB attached to it.  This wasn’t just any AK pistol, it was a Krebs Custom.  Not just any Krebs AK, it was a prototype AK-9 pistol in […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2019] Krebs Custom 9×39 AK-9 Pistol Prototype spotted at WOLF appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • The massoud lineage lives on, and it’s looking good We here at TFB are admittedly fans of the work going on at Kinetic Research Group.  KRG is usually one of my first stops every year to check in on the meticulously perfected FOX-42 project.  For those of our readers unfamiliar with this platform, it is […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2019] KRG has a FOX-42 Update and much more! appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • It’s a strange coincidence that as I was browsing the Internet to find a new handguard for my Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 1 I was thinking why on Earth are there no products with a dovetail ARCA interface? I looked at the Seekins Precision handguard, with an ARCA rail from Magpul to go together, and […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2019] Catalyst Arms – Handguard for AR-15 and Ruger Precision Rifles with an ARCA Interface appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • At SHOT Show last year ProMag released their AR-15, AK-47 and AR-10 50 round drum mags. This year they debuted their all new 50 round drum magazine for the Glock. Their new polymer Glock drum mag is compact and light weight and fits all 9mm Glock pistols, it’s also compatible with other firearms that accepts […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2019] ProMag Glock 50 Round Drum Mags appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  •   I first met the guys from Vaultek in July of last year at Triggrcon in Bellevue Washington. I listened to them talk about their products, so I wanted to learn more. At the time they had several single pistol safes, the single pistol safes came in several different models. Their 10 and 20 series […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2019] Vaultek Safes appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

  • What happens when companies like Strike Industries, Primary Weapons Systems, Holosun and The Firearm Blog collaborate? Cool things like the Build of The Year giveaway! Today, we announced the winner at a live social media stream from the Strike Industries booth at SHOT Show 2019. And the winner is – Jim R with his Higgins Shotgun (45% […] Read More … The post Build Of The Year Winner Announced ! appeared first on The Firearm Blog.

The Michael Bane Blog

Author and host of the hit OUTDOOR CHANNEL show SHOOTING GALLERY spouts off...
  • Good grief! An article I agree with in NRO (excepting Charles Cooke, their In-house Brit Second Amendment absolutist, with whom I rarely find fault). I'm a single issue voter, as I'm pretty sure you guys know by now. My rationale is and has been that a person's stance on the individual ownership of firearms and their views on the personal responsibility of carrying firearms tells me -- quite

  • last post seems to have disappeared from Facebook...probably a technical glitch...LOL! So here it is on the Blog. Hey Facebook...Happy Independence Day, you fascist bastards! You probably know I unconditionally support Tess Thompson Talley in this manufactured controversy, as I support all forms of legal hunting. I also feel for her, coming off the hunt of her life, to be made to

  • Here's the lowdown on Africa 2018! We were hunting at Ft. Richmond Safaris about an hour and a half from Kimberly, with Richard's and my very good friend Geoffrey Wayland doing the PH duty. The property we were hunting on was roughly 10,000 acres, with hills, acacia savannas and thorn thickets that proved to be a lot denser when you were stalking through it than it looked from the hilltops

  • FROM BEARING ARMS:  "Basically, to use their terminology, they’re trying to “other” us.You see, when you successfully “other” a group, you’re capable of doing any horrible thing. You essentially classify a group as something other than human, thus it becomes easy to commit atrocities against those people. It’s how the Nazis were able to do such terrible things to the Jews. They’d already “

  • Things lost; things gained; the past, as always, remains. The thing is I don’t remember the first time I had a gun in my hands. It seems like something I should remember, some profound milestone to mark the passing from childhood to the mysterious realm of the adults. But...nothing. I do remember my father and his brother, Uncle Sonny, sitting on the porch of my grandparents’ ramshackle

  • The complete rig, two Taylors 1872 Open Tops on 1860 Army gripframes, in .44 Russian, completely overhauled by Jeff Ault at Munden's Six-Gun Magic and Will Ghormley's"Flames of Hell" holsters from 3:10 TO YUMA. To say the actions are now "good" is a vast understatement…they are some of the best single action triggers I have ever felt, period. In fact, the trigger is as good as the action/trigger

  • DROPPED SHOT A WEE BIT OF BACKGROUND Definition of DROPPED SHOT: In the practical shooting sports, a shot that fails to hit the target; a miss. Sometime in mid-1985 I first wrote those words for the first time, for the newly minted FRONT SIGHT Magazine, the journal of the United States Practical Shooting Association. I was the founding editor, and DROPPED SHOT was my back page column.

The War on Guns

Notes from the Resistance...
  • Michael Cohen postpones congressional testimony because of threats to family from Trump and Giuliani [More]If this is true, it must be reported to law enforcement for a terrorism investigation!If it's bullshit, Cohen, Lanny Davis and MSNBC should be officially discredited as agenda-driven liars.

  • Army Corps sites are among the few federally-controlled lands where gun-carrying isn't allowed. The Army Corps, which controls 12 million acres of land around lakes and rivers, banned carrying loaded guns on its lands in the early 1970s. [More]So much for the military being subordinate to civilians.Why do you need a bill? Why can't the C-in-C  -- the guy who promised NRA members --The eight-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.  (Applause.)  You have a true friend and champion in the White House.  No longer will federal agencies be coming after law-abiding gun owners.  (Applause.)  No longer will the government be trying to undermine your rights and your freedoms as Americans.  Instead, we will work with you, by your side.  We will work with the NRA to promote responsible gun ownership, to protect our wonderful hunters and their access to the very beautiful outdoors.--order it?

  • Whitaker also touted a lower crime rate in Jackson as of October. However, the reality on the ground is the capital city has seen 79 homicides so far in 2018, compared to 64 homicides total in 2017. [More]Remind you of anything?[Via Felix B]

  • I've been forwarded this quote from one and asked for my thoughts:"I have been working with members of the Assembly and Senate to ensure they fully understand the dangers of poorly drafted red flag legislation and the due process violations that come with. "Now that's some industrial grade weasel-wording right there. Note he doesn't define what well-drafted citizen disarmament edicts should look like.I haven't been this assured since they told me Harry Reid was "a true champion of the Second Amendment"!Unwavering![Via Lawrence S]

  • [More]Sorry, that spot is taken.I wonder if her childish anti-gun zealotry and hatred extends to these guys...

  • Grassroots Immigration Group: Amnesty Is Worse than No Wall [More]Exactly.Any "solution" that says otherwise is a betrayal and a fraud.[Via Felix B]

  • The plants are all pollinated by bees... [More]So I guess the gorilla hand ashtray is a no-go...?Environmentalcases. Is it any wonder I love them so?

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money

"Send lawyers, guns and money. The shit has hit the fan." - Warren Zevon
  • For many years I have been posting the SHOT Show videos created by Jeff and Boge Quinn of I just learned that they won’t be at SHOT this year due to Jeff’s health issues.I’ll let Boge fill you in at the video below. As for me, I hope and pray his health improves and we see him at SHOT next year. Subscribe in a reader

  • The DC Project is the brainchild of competitive shooter Dianna Liendorff Muller. Launched a few years ago, it seeks to have one women from each of the 50 states to go to DC to lobby on behalf of the Second Amendment. These dedicated women converge on DC at the same time and seek meetings with various representatives and senators to discuss why they support gun rights as women's rights. That is kind of a hard...

  • The Supreme Court has finally accepted another Second Amendment case. The case is NY State Rifle & Pistol Club v. City of New York. The case involves the effective ban by NY City on transporting a licensed firearm registered in the city out of the city. Therefore, if you wanted to transport your pistol to a range outside the city or to a vacation house upstate you are forbidden from doing so.The city argues that...

  • Knowing we had some time to kill on Sunday, I wrangled us tickets to the ANME Winter Expo being held in Las Vegas. It is for those in the military surplus business and featured everything from knives to all sorts of surplus gear to camping supplies.One of the coolest and least expensive things I found was the Simple Shower. It converts a 1 to 2 liter bottle into a handheld shower. Unlike the black shower...

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reintroduced her assault weapon ban yesterday. It is S. 66 and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill has 28 co-sponsors - 27 Democrats and one Independent (Bernie Sanders). The full text is not yet available. However, from Feinstein's press release we can see she aiming wide and deep.Key provisions: Bans the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name....

  • I'm a little late putting this up but what the heck. I'm packed and I leave for the SHOT Show tomorrow afternoon. If you want me to make sure to check something out for you, just leave me a note in the comments. I'll do my best to try and get to that booth.But remember: Subscribe in a reader

  • I have been getting multiple releases announcing new products on a daily basis for the last month in anticipation of the SHOT Show. Some are line extensions and some are entirely new products. Not that they aren't all of interest but this one really caught my eye.Umarex will now be producing an officially licensed air rifle replica of the Ruger 10/22. I think it caught my eye because the Ruger 10/22 was the first gun...

Off Grid Survival – Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills

An online resource for survival information. From wilderness and urban survival to emergency preparedness and off grid living, we provide you with the knowledge you need to survive in any situation.
  • Earlier this month, the Republican turncoat senator from Florida, Marco Rubio, introduced a bill to push gun confiscations throughout the United States. The Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019, is essentially [...] The post Republican Marco Rubio is Pushing a Major Gun Confiscation Bill Through Congress appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • For all of our readers who are attending The SHOT Show this year, here is our After Parties and Networking Events List [...] The post SHOT Show 2019 Party List: Networking Events and Meetups at SHOT appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • Over the holiday weekend, numerous reports of citizens being attacked and businesses having to close because mobs of black teenagers were terrorizing the city were reported in Chicago. Of course, you won’t see this story [...] The post Roaming mob of ‘urban youth’ terrorize Chicago Attacking Innocent Citizens appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • The dangerously incompetent CDC has yet again allowed a U.S. physician who was exposed to Ebola back into the U.S. for observation. [...] The post CDC allows another Ebola Exposed Doctor into the U.S. appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • A large-scale Centruylunk outage has knocked out internet, 911 cal centers, ATMs and banks throughout the country. [...] The post Nationwide CenturyLink outage knocks out 911 service, ATMs and Internet in several states appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • The Department of Homeland Security is asking the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to launch an investigation into the large number of sick migrants illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. [...] The post DHS Asks CDC to Investigate Large Number of Sick Migrants Showing up at Border appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin sent panic through the financial world, by issuing an unusual statement that he had called the CEOs of the nation's six largest banks to make sure they have ample liquidity and credit to extend to American businesses and households. [...] The post Economic Preparedness Alert: Treasury Secretary Calls Top 6 Banks To Check Liquidity appeared first on Off Grid Survival - Wilderness & Urban Survival Skills.

Musings Over a Barrel

Some guy's shooting journey, capped with a good beer at the end of the day...

  • I am often struck by the audacious attacks on personal freedom from those who seek to interfere with the pleasures and rights of others. The anti-gun crowd in the United States is vocal, intrusive, violent and sadly, out of touch with reality and rational thought. Our 2nd Amendment fight has many parallels in the cigar world. I read the following recently in "The Ultimate Cigar Book," by Richard Carleton Hacker,But these growing numbers of smoking enclaves aside, there are also subtle ways to win an anti-cigar war fueled by ignorance and prejudice – the two things that cannot be swayed. Rather than pointlessly argue with militant anti-smokers, we must try to win the nonsmokers over to our side. There are people who are neither anti- nor pro-cigars. They are the middle ground and comprise the largest percentage of the American populace. If we can show them that we are more civilized that the radical anti-cigar thugs, we will have made our point. We must convince them with kindness. And courtesy. It does no good to force ourselves upon others, for...

  • Some thoughtful Christmas gift giving by my family added a few interesting books to my library.The Bourbon Bible, by Eric Zandona, is an interesting read about all things bourbon. The book is divided into three sections, starting with the history and basics of the spirit. The next section goes into detail on 140 bourbons. The last section covers cocktails made with bourbon. I've read the first section and have been randomly reading the descriptions of the individual bourbons. I think this will be a well-used reference.The Ultimate Cigar Book is an exceptionally fascinating book. The author, Richard Carleton Hacker, has a witty and engaging style. His detailed telling of the history or cigars, and the companies and people involved is entertaining as well as informative. He shares his knowledge in a way to help the new or experienced smoker get the most from enjoying cigars and the cigar lifestyle. I have just about completed one reading of the book, and will no doubt read it again.Interestingly, The Connoisseur's Guide the Worldwide Spirits is by the same author. I have not...

  • Another beer from the Starr Hill Winter Tour variety pack, Snow Blind Doppelbock is one my favorite winter seasonal beers.The beer is a deep brown color with a thin beige head. Sunlight peaking through give the beverage a reddish tint. A rich caramel aroma with a hint of dark fruit greats the nose. The flavor is a bend of toasted malt, caramel and a touch of sweetness. A moderate 7.7% ABV makes the flavorful beer easily drinkable.The Winter Tour variety pack also includes Little Red RooStarr Coffee Cream Stout, 2 Tone Vanilla Porter, and Northern Lights IPA. It's rare that I find a variety pack that doesn't include air least one "stepchild" beer. This Starr Hill sampler contains all winners in my book, and this 12-pack won't linger long in the fridge. [ This content originated at Musings Over a Barrel ]

  • 2018 is over, and we're looking forward to a fresh start in 2019. As is my custom, here's a quick look back at the past year. As cliché as the year end review may be, it's still an interesting exercise for me.The past year was a slower than usual year for adding content to these Musings. As mentioned a few times previously, life just got in the way.Despite life's distractions, there were 57 days in 2018 in which I got in some shooting activities, either matches or pratice. I participated in six state or regional level events; the Chesapeake Cup, Virginia Indoor Regional, AAF&G Lt Col Matt Mathys Memorial IDPA Match, Maryland State IDPA Championship, Virginia State IDPA Match, and the Potomac Grail. I was also very fortunate to travel with three friends to participate in the IDPA National Championship held in Talladega, Alabama. In addition, I also managed to get to 16 local IDPA matches. There was also a two day competition focused training class which was a lot of fun. The matches, combined with range trips to practice culminated in about 8500 rounds fired in the year.I...

  • I made a last minute decision to head down to the indoor range on Saturday morning. That choice was betting on the absence of traffic on the interstate for the drive down, a not too crowded range, and (still) good traffic for the drive home. As luck would have it, all three came to be.Let's do this.Starting off at an easy 7 yard distance, I shot slowly, using two hands, as well as strong and weak hand only for 50 rounds. That was all well and good, so a fresh target was hung and placed at 10 yards. This time I fired off longer strings of 3 - 5 shots, one because it's allowed, and two to get a good feel of how the compact gun moves and returns to target. I repeated this drill also at 12 and 15 yards for a total 50 rounds. Despite the attempt at speed, only two of the shots, both fired at 15 yards, were outside the -0 zone.More like this please.Since I know I typically start shooting a little more sloppily at...

  • This is one of the beers in the Starr Hill Winter Tour variety pack that we picked up on a whim last week. Little Red RooStarr Coffee Cream Stout is a beer that I thought I had enjoyed previously, but checking my UnTappd list, it appears this is a new beer to me. I was not to be disappointed.The beer pours a deep, dark brown color with a beige head. The aroma brings faint notes of coffee and sweet caramel malt. The flavor profile leans more towards chocolate, mild roasted malt, and a touch of sweetness. There's a hint of coffee detected but it is mild. The finish leaves a bit of sweet creaminess on the palate.I decided to enjoy the beer with a CAO Brazilia Gol! cigar for an afternoon treat. The medium bodied cigar presents flavors of cocoa and espresso. The rich thick smoke had a creamy texture and smooth finish. Like the beer, this cigar was also one I had not tried previously. I paired them in a whim and was very pleased with the resulting flavor combination. I...

  • It's been a couple months since I was able to get to an IDPA match, and I had expected that match to be my last of the year. However, with a fortunate combination of a clear schedule and good weather, I was very excited to be able to attend the December IDPA match the Saturday before Christmas at Cavalier.For this match I decided to shoot my SIG P320 Compact in the CCP division. I'd recently upgraded the sights on the gun, but had yet to shoot it competitively since the sight switch.The five stages of the match followed a holiday theme. The first stage our squad shot, called "Who's Naughty & Who's Nice?," had us seated at a table with our unloaded gun and all magazines placed in a box. Nine targets, along with a plethora a non-threats were arrayed out in front of us. Shooting the stage -0 gave me a good start to the match."Not Home Alone" was up next. This was a field course where we started holding a wrapped package in our support hand, while our...

Of Arms and the Law

  • Story here. ""For a long time, it was up to the state to determine who had the right to defend himself, his family and his property," said Bolsonaro in a statement on his popular social media accounts, followed by over 12 million supporters. "Today... we return to Brazilian citizens the freedom to decide."" A pro-gun head of state who uses Twitter to get around the mass media gatekeepers - what a novel idea!

  • My friend Sean McFate has a new book out with great reviews -- The New Rules of War: Victory in the Age of Durable Disorder

  • Story here.

  • Story here. A comment to that story asks why the long delay since his death? I would guess that it took time to get the appropriate clearances. Some time back I read that Arlington's space was limited, and so only a few classes of veterans (e.g., those who earned the Medal of Honor) were being approved for burial there.

  • Flyer here. Dave Kopel, Clayton Cramer, and I will be presenting.

  • I'm not sure IRS needs 15 machine guns and over 3,000,000 rounds of ammo, let alone why the National Institutes of Health needs its own arsenal. These days an agency just doesn't rate if it doesn't have a SWAT team. I know FEMA (who main job is to provide emergency housing and write checks) has a SWAT team with snipers; they used to practice at a range I frequented.

  • Story here. I recall that when Bill Clinton was first elected president, a wise friend remarked that he'd start with a focus on gun control, for a simple reason. He'd made many campaign promises. Most of them required money, which Clinton then did not have. Gun control did not, so he'd move on that early.

SHTF Plan – When It Hits The Fan, Don't Say We Didn't Warn You


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