A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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The National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban

A national coalition of grassroots, pro right to keep and bear arms organizations has formed to defeat gun bans, magazine capacity limits, attempts at registration and other gun control measures in the upcoming session of Congress.  The below letter is being sent to members of the 113th Congress as of 3 January, 2013.  


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Grassroots supporters of the right to keep and bear arms have drawn a “line in the sand” that any person in Congress or any bureaucrat with hopes of future political office or appointment had better be aware of.  Crossing the gun control line will bring an entirely new and highly motivated contingent of the “gun lobby” to bear.  Gun prohibitionists have nobody to blame but themselves with wild eyed threats of confiscation, police raids, forced buybacks, mandatory registration and a litany of other threats.  The gun lobby takes these threats very seriously and as the news media are finding out, gun lobbyists know how to use social media too.  The latest batch of papers releasing interactive maps of known gun owners got a dose of their own medicine when their details were published with an interactive map.  

Make no mistake, this is not a “national discussion” about guns or talk of addressing the causes of violence or solutions to it.  This latest feeding frenzy of calls for gun control are a political declaration of war.  As the gun prohibitionists have repeatedly demonstrated, they will do absolutely anything with a complete lack of shame, class or honor.  This should not be lost on the gun lobby.  

Understand, that in this political war, there are no honorable mentions, no points for doing well, and second place is first loser.  In this political war there is only victory or defeat.  

Coalition Supporters: 




National Organizations:


The Firearms Coalition
Jeff Knox, ManagingDirector
Chris Knox, Director of Communications

Gun owners of America
Larry Pratt, Executive Director

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Charles Heller, President
John Pierce, Spokesperson

Rights Watch International 
F. Paul Valone, Executive Director

Second Amendment Sisters 
Marinelle Thompson, President
Lee Ann Tarducci, Director of Operations
David Yates, Co-Founder
Dave Van, Co-Founder


State-level organizations:


Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League
Kim Stolfer, Legislative Committee Chairman 

Arizona Citizens Defense League
Dave Kopp, President

Arkansas Carry
Steve Jones, President
Eddie Fulmer, President

Connecticut Citizens Defense League
Scott Wilson, President 

Damas de la Segunda Enmienda
Ladies of the Second Amendment
Sandra Barreras, Executive Vice President

Firearms Owners Against Crime
Kim Stolfer, Chairman and Founder

Grass Roots North Carolina
F. Paul Valone, President

Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Joseph Olson, President

Gun Owners of California
Sam Paredes, Executive Director

Gun Owners of Maine
Shane Belanger, President

Gun Owners of Utah
Charles Hardy, Public Policy Director

Gun Owners of Vermont
Ed Cutler, President (IL)
Shaun Kranish, Founder

Iowa Gun Owners
Aaron Dorr, Executive Director

Michigan Gun Owners
Jeff LaFave, President

Michigan Open Carry, Inc.
Phillip Hofmeister, President

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Gary Marbut, President

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
Wesley Dickinson, President

New Hampshire Firearms Coalition
Jonathan R. Evans, Esq, President

New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society
Frank Flamingo, President 

New Mexico Gun Owners Association

Aaron Lee, Executive Director

Oregon Firearms Federation
Kevin Starrett, President

Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights
Paul Velte, Founder

Shooters Committee on Political Education N.Y.
Stephen Aldstadt, President

Utah Shooting Sports Council
Clark Aposhian, Chairman

Virginia Citizens Defense League
Philip Van Cleave, President

West Virginia Citizens Defense League
Keith Morgan, President

Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
Kevin Jamison, Press Officer

Wisconsin Carry
Nik Clark, President



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