A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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An Open Letter to the Firearms Business Community:

RESOLVED that the most important and valuable Part of the British Constitution, upon which it’s very Existence depends, is the fundamental Principle of the People's being governed by no Laws, to which they have not given their Consent, by Representatives freely chosen by themselves; who are affected by the Laws they enact equally with their Constituents; to whom they are accountable, and whose Burthens they share; in which consists the Safety and Happiness of the Community: for if this Part of the Constitution was taken away, or materially altered, the Government must degenerate either into an absolute and despotic Monarchy, or a tyrannical Aristocracy, and the Freedom of the People be annihilated.

The above quote from the 1774 Fairfax County Resolves made up of people like George Mason, George Washington and other Fairfax County, Virginia residents who understood that when you pass laws, you must abide by them.  These men fought to preserve our rights and liberty.  We have allowed governments to dismantle this principle piece by piece over the years.

The most prominent words on our home page are “We The People”.  Not ‘we the government’, not ‘we the privileged’.  The body of people who make up the US Armed Forces, law enforcement, fire fighters, teachers, accountants to zoo keepers are all the same We the People.  

That is why firearms and accessory businesses need to stand united with gun owners and refuse to the government that which they prohibit to the citizens.  Our very ability to protect ourselves & our families is under direct attack from Congress & the President.   All of our community must unite to fight this threat or face the very real possibility of being made into criminals.  That’s why is asking the firearms business community to enforce a policy of “live by the laws you pass”.

We have established a 2nd Amendment Friendly rating system that encourages businesses within our community to support the Constitution and individual rights by not honoring “government exceptions” built into legislation.  In other words, we make the government live by their own rules.  

Our rating system is simple:  

  1. You agree that your company will vocally oppose any gun control, gun free zones, infringements of the 2nd Amendment and the right to self defense.  
    • Giving money to professional lobbying groups is not enough.
  2. You agree that your company will only supply “restricted” firearms or feeding devices to branches of the US Armed Forces.  No exceptions for local, state, federal or other law enforcement agencies.  Instead, these agencies will be supplied only what is legal for the private citizen to own.

If your company agrees to this, you are listed as 2nd Amendment Friendly.  If your company does not agree, or does not respond you are not classified “2nd Amendment Friendly

The first responder makes the biggest difference in an emergency and most of the time the first responder is a private citizen.  It is bad public policy to take away the tools first responders need. encourages gun owners & firearms accessory consumers to actively support 2nd Amendment friendly businesses, while avoiding business with those who are not. We encourage members of the firearms business community to stand with gun owners, and grass roots right to keep and bear arms supporters.


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