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What Independence left to celebrate?

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Independence Day.  It's celebrated July 4th every year across America.  The celebration marks the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in which the Colonists declared our people would no longer be subjects of the British crown.  This was a pivotal moment in human history; Blood was spilled and eventually the Colonists were victorious over the British forces.  We went on to form a Republic that was the envy of the world, we grew it into a nation and then a superpower.  We made few mistakes along the way, we learned from some and are still learning from others but our country is still the envy of the world.

How ironic is it that in order to celebrate Independence Day in 2011 that we must be kept safe from ourselves.

Today's Federal Register lists entries from the Department of "Homeland Security" / Coast Guard establishing so called "safety zones" around fireworks displays.

"SUMMARY: The Coast Guard proposes establishing a temporary safety zone on the navigable waters of Cape Charles City Harbor in Cape Charles, VA in support of the Fourth of July Fireworks event. This action is necessary to provide for the safety of life on navigable waters during the Cape Charles Fireworks show. This action is intended to restrict vessel traffic movement to protect mariners and spectators from the hazards associated with aerial fireworks displays."

We can't even celebrate Independence Day without government regulation.



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