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Beretta USA replaced my Nano 9mm after a couple weeks.  I've never had a gun 'replaced' although I confess that I have wished for a firearm to be replaced ...  Not a Beretta if that matters.  At first I thought 'great, a fresh start' but I admit I had a bit of a sentimental attachment to the gun I bought.  Oh well. So I have taken the new Nano to the range twice now.


Session one:  

~160 rounds, one failure to feed.  

I will excuse the gun in this situation, under these circumstances.  The top round failed to fully chamber and upon inspection, the 2nd round in the magazine was caught on the front of the magazine.  It was noticeably longer than the others. This was a box of range purchased, cheap as I could get ammunition, and you can see what that got me.  I inspected the remaining rounds and they were all visually ok, so I fired them and the rest of them all fired without incident, among the more readily available and name brand ammunition.  Once complete I loaded up the magazine and on a bet took it over to my friend'd PF9 and compared the 2 magazines.  The PF9 does have a longer magazine, which may have accommodated my wayward and too long round.  I was ready to ready to pronounce this 2nd Nano unfit for duty until I saw the hang up and compared the round to others.

Session 2:  ~150 rounds.  Here I had some PMC, GDHP, Remington & WWB.  I had to cut this session short due to fatigue.  There were no failures...except my inability to master this gun.  My accuracy began to slide or I'd have had more rounds downrange to report on.  

A cease fire also got in the way and again the lack of external controls came into play.  I had to explain to the RSO that the gun was indeed empty and would not lock back without an empty magazine.  I did not look favorably upon the lack of external controls on the first Nano.  I had no empty magazine when the ceasefire was called.  

So far, I cannot fault the new gun.  Having some customer service experience, a "mech replacement" or whole product replacement is fairly rare under most circumstances.  However, some internet resources indicate a new extractor or related parts were put into service.  It's possible that new parts may have made their way in to the new guns first and BUSA may have made the choice to replace rather than try to diagnose while the customer was waiting.  "Fix it first, ask questions later".  Or it could have been coincidence.  Whatever the motivation, the "fix" has worked so far.  

One of the magazines refused to drop free, and it appeared to hang on the top part of the magazine.  It was fixable, so it now drops free just like the other magazine that came with the new gun.   Overall, the gun grows on you over time, but there is a great deal of muzzle flip to deal with if you’re not accustomed to a pocket semi auto.  It’s manageable, but different in the way you need to grip the gun to control it without the benefit of a full hand grip.  This muzzle flip was accentuated by the addition of some Winchester ranger 115 & 127 +p+ ammunition which was a bit of a handful, but absolutely nothing like full power .357 magnums from a scandium j-frame  Innocent

I would like to put a few hundred more rounds through the gun but feel confident this gun has displayed enough reliability to carry it. 


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