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The .224 Valkyrie “Longbow"

This is an AR15 platform .224 Valkyrie with the heart of the project being the Bison Armory 22” barrel in 1x6.5” twist.  

The gun parts have been Duracoated in “Tactical” or flat colors.  The base coat is black for the buffer tube, upper and lower but fades to OD green, the barrel is flat dark earth fading to coyote brown, with a sprinkling of “Dessert” sand tactical ( Duracoat calls it Desert sand tactical ).   

Click any of the images for a full size render. 

 Prep involved getting a good base coat, which took quite a bit of work to get a full coverage.  I think 4 full coats on the barrel and scope in particular. 

Now we add the camo pattern.  This gun will be finished in “Magnum Hop Vine Tactical”.  Magnum is a variety of beer hops I’ve had particular success in growing.  No actual hops were harmed in the Duracoating of this firearm, they were harvested first for use in an upcoming beer.

The hop vines whither very quickly, these are only a few hours from being cut. 

The glass - a Vortex Viper PST 2 5-25x FFP scope


I wasn’t sure what I wanted for a bipod, but saw this UTG MLOK mount and was intrigued.  Testing is ongoing, initial results are positive.

First image of what the rifle will eventually look like, without being wrapped by hops.  Once the components are sufficiently coated, a partial assembly is done to get a decent camo pattern.  

Enough with the boring work part, here’s what the rifle looks like after Duracoating, including a matte clear coat.  You need to look at the full resolution images by clicking the pictures to see the patterns, they’re very subtle.  The Brass catcher and magazines are in progress, awaiting a full function check.


That black brass catcher attachment point on the top rail stuck out like a sore thumb.  That, and the magazines had to also be matched, but no sense doing that until they’re function tested.  The magazines work, so they need to also look more like the rifle.

Vendor and parts list, thoughts and some results are:

Barrel, adjustable gas block, gas tube, and BCG

Vortex Viper PST II 5-25x magnification scope
Vortex Cantilever 3” offset 30mm ring mount
Midwest Industries G3 M series 12” MLOK handguard
UTG Recon flex MLOK bipod
Magnetospeed M series grip with dry box + Monopod Module
Luth-AR MBA3 precision carbine buttstock
Yankee Hill Machine Company Phantom LT/LTA QD Mount 5/8x24 Black
Magpul MOE lower parts kit
Armaspec Victory AR-15 Ambi Charging Handle, Black
Ascend Armory MOD 2 Ambi 50-Degree Safety Selector


As of September 10, 2018, the shakedown range session is done, with promising results. Here are 2 targets from the shakedown sessions


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