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Your tax money used to fund MAIG gun control employees?

by on May.21, 2012, under Uncategorized

This outrage once again brought to you by Mike Bloomberg and his henchmen.

Hat tip to No Lawyers, Only Guns & Money and All Nine Yards.  They are reporting that MAIG have succeeded in infiltrating some localities with paid positions solely to advance gun control.

Orlando job listing, resume & MOU.  Grab this data before & save it locally before it disappears.

Orlando isn’t the only one, there are more cities around the country; more taxpayers who have fallen for this ruse.  If you have a MAIG mayor, or suspect collaboration with MAIG such as using MAIG talking points in press releases, etc. then you should ACT!

You can use the Freedom of Information Act – FOIA to obtain records like this.  It’s easy, mostly inexpensive or free and in this case it could be used to significantly expose people conspiring to take away your right to own, carry and use a firearm while YOUR tax money is paying for it.

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The NRA endorsement games begin

by on May.14, 2012, under Uncategorized

It’s that time again.  The time when gun owners are left scratching their heads over mysterious & quizzical endorsements issue by the NRA and in this episode, we look at the endorsement and fallout from the 2012 Virginia US Senate candidate endorsement of George Allen.  Having spoken to both Jamie Radtke & George Allen, one should make up their own mind but know that either of these two choices are far superior to Tim “Kaine the terrible”.

One thing for sure, Jamie Radtke stands for REPEALING gun control laws, not the enforcement of existing laws.  She is unequivocal on her support for the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.  George Allen is generally supportive of the 2nd Amendment, however when questioned on specifics of what he would help repeal, he equivocates and offers general encouraging words.  Grassroots activists have come to understand this is code for “I will maintain the status quo”.

In the Virginia General Assembly, where George Allen gained some of his notoriety, there is a somewhat common practice of “shunning” a bill with the introductory phrase “I am introducing this bill at constituent request”.  This phrase is key and indicates to the leadership that it is a political hot potato, I don’t want to vote on it, you don’t want to vote on it but if I don’t introduce it I could get a primary challenge or worse.  The bill then quietly gets ignored, passed by indefinitely or sent off for a “study”.  This tip came from a serving member of the assembly.  Look at what happened to George Allen’s bill to repeal the National Parks gun ban – or, more specifically what didn’t happen.

We reminded George Allen that his words of 2nd Amendment support did not match his actions supporting the repeal of the National Parks gun ban.  One of the first contacts to then Senator Allen’s office offers an insight into the mindset of Senator Allen and he maintained barely tepid support for this issue from 2004 until he began losing his reelection bid to Jim Webb.  Then he introduced a bill to the National Parks gun ban.  This was a unique opportunity for gun owners in Virginia to maximize their candidate potential and Jim Webb came out the winner.

Lest we forget, George Allen was for the so called assault weapons ban, before he was against it.  What’s more important, his rationale for his “support” or lack thereof for the renewal of the so called assault weapons ban is troubling at best:

I would support reauthorization of the ‘assault weapons ban’ in its current form if this legislation had proven effective in reducing violent crime,” he said. “I have concluded, after a review of the evidence, that this symbolic ban of 19 firearms chosen for cosmetic reasons is a meaningless, toothless law that has virtually no impact on crime.

While it’s true that he eventually came down on the right side of that issue he did not do it willingly, nor did he do it with sufficient enthusiasm for a constituent who is primarily concerned with preserving, protecting and defending the right to keep and bear arms.  Gun owners who are curious about the facts on this issue should contact VCDL; for a full breakdown of the “so called assault weapons ban” reauthorization flip flop by George Allen, his so called hard work on repealing the NPS gun ban as well as how effective he was for RKBA activists.



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The people of ATF

by on May.14, 2012, under Uncategorized

If being accomplices to the murder of Brian Terry wasn’t enough to convince you of the Evil within ATF, try this on for size:

…”ATF paid for the motel room where the woman was sexually abused, according to police records obtained by The Seattle Times. Only months before the assault, the records show, a concerned Seattle police officer spoke to an ATF agent on the phone after Jackson had reportedly flashed a badge during the “help the officer” incident. The agent vouched for Jackson.”

Full story here / h/t to the Seattle Times for running this to ground.

This is the federal agency charged with the day to day administration & regulation of the firearms industry in the United States.  Would you want members of your family near people like this?  These are the same people who want to control shotgun imports, register the sales of rifles greater than .22 caliber, regulation of private firearm sales, and shamelessly abused facts and figures to promote their “mission”.  What is that mission now?  Killing Border Patrol agents?  Or is it something else?

The funding for this federal agency needs to be cut by 90%, and the so called “sworn agents” need to be sent looking for new employment.  They are clearly not mature enough to handle adult responsibilities.

ATF:  Bringing the STUPID since 1972.



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“What can shooters do? The only things folks living in a democracy can do—get out and vote”

by on Apr.20, 2012, under Uncategorized

This was a statement in the closing paragraph of the article here.  The premise of the article was what to do as politicians and the press change their tactics and approach to attacking the right to keep and bear arms.  The quote is an ok representation, but not quite bumper sticker worthy.  It’s an oversimplification and it is far from all we can do and all we should do.

The first thing to understand is that voting is NOT ENOUGH.  If you cast a vote for a candidate and think once he or she wins that your rights are protected, you’re wrong.  If you think that some gun rights group will take care of your rights for you, that is also mistaken.

Deer don’t hunt themselves, and politicians do not do your bidding without a substantial amount of work on your part.  Frequent engagement is required to successfully get your elected officials or unelected bureaucrats to move on an issue.  Staying focused on the elected variety, here some starting points.

  1. Mid or post election season is too late to start the conversation & expect good results. Politicians and their handlers cherry pick election issues they want to focus on, your job duty as a citizen is to engage them on the issues important to you, not the politician, their handlers or anyone else.
  2. This should start early on such as during the initial campaign rumblings, even before they announce and be sustained throughout their service in office.  Engaging like minded constituents of the same elected official is quite helpful at securing attention of an elected official, so get as many of them as you can to likewise engage the politician.
  3. Keep the politician and like minded constituents talking about the issue or issues important to you.  If you ask one question, one time and just go away, no politician is going to help.  You must be determined to get an on record answer supporting you.
  4. “I [strongly] support the 2nd Amendment” is absolutely worthless as any kind of answer.   You should always press this type of answer into a set of specific questions and get direct answers to them.  Evasion = no support.
  5. Leave absolutely nothing to ambiguity.  If you get yes answers, get an office contact to coordinate the effort supporting your bill, resolution or idea.  Follow up on that IMMEDIATELY along with your like minded colleagues.

One of the very big problems the gun lobby faces is a lack of involvement in the process.  Once a candidate is elected is when the real work starts and it is typically when gun owners wipe the proverbial sweat off our collective brows and think we are safe for another election cycle.  We need to change this behavior if we expect to be successful going forward.  Get engaged, stay engaged on RKBA issues with politicians.  Casting a vote, paying dues to a gun rights group or 3 isn’t enough to protect your rights.  Just as people who CCW choose to protect themselves, we need to take the same approach with our rights via the political process.

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