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The people of ATF

by on May.14, 2012, under Uncategorized

If being accomplices to the murder of Brian Terry wasn’t enough to convince you of the Evil within ATF, try this on for size:

…”ATF paid for the motel room where the woman was sexually abused, according to police records obtained by The Seattle Times. Only months before the assault, the records show, a concerned Seattle police officer spoke to an ATF agent on the phone after Jackson had reportedly flashed a badge during the “help the officer” incident. The agent vouched for Jackson.”

Full story here / h/t to the Seattle Times for running this to ground.

This is the federal agency charged with the day to day administration & regulation of the firearms industry in the United States.  Would you want members of your family near people like this?  These are the same people who want to control shotgun imports, register the sales of rifles greater than .22 caliber, regulation of private firearm sales, and shamelessly abused facts and figures to promote their “mission”.  What is that mission now?  Killing Border Patrol agents?  Or is it something else?

The funding for this federal agency needs to be cut by 90%, and the so called “sworn agents” need to be sent looking for new employment.  They are clearly not mature enough to handle adult responsibilities.

ATF:  Bringing the STUPID since 1972.



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