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WaPo continues Jihad against firearms

by on Nov.22, 2010, under Uncategorized

WaPo continues “Mein Jihad” agains firearms ownership.  Headline reads ‘The story of two guns that killed police officers’  Once again, masterfully worded to gain the readership empathy, demonize the target – that is, firearms and provide relative data to readers to spur their joining of the Jihad.

The lives of these 2 police officers were taken by CRIMINALS, not inanimate objects.  Heres a quote, again masterfully done:

“Both stories illustrate how firearms dramatically increase the danger in already tense situations, creating irrevocable outcomes from panicky decisions.”  Missing from this sentence is the key part – WHEN USED BY CRIMINALS WHO SHOULD BE IN PRISON.  ”Giddings had been released from prison 36 days earlier after serving eight years of a 12-year sentence for aggravated assault. A judge had ordered him to report to a halfway house, but Giddings soon absconded in violation of his parole. When several police officers, acting on a tip that Giddings was at a house in the area, tried to arrest him, he fought with them and escaped. Now, he was wanted for aggravated assault on the officers as well as the parole violation.

These are the new prohibitionists.  They agitate for keeping the guns or something else away from “THOSE PEOPLE”.  The prohibitionists have been arounds since the beginning and our society has a long and vile history of prohibitionist activities.  Overwhelmingly the victims of the prohibitionists have been darker skinned.  Underneath whatever it is the prohibitionist seeks to make unavailable to “THOSE PEOPLE”, whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, guns, knives, sticks, or any other thing is always a least common denominator.  An underlying hatred and or fear of a particular demographic.

Remember it’s the government that created this black market for guns by releasing criminals who were not rehabilitated back into society, then prohibiting these “not quite citizens” from the exercise of their right to keep and bear arms.  Then they began to expand  the list of who qualify to become “not quite citizens”.   What’s the end game here?

One can only speculate but the overarching theme of this article and the series is that “only police can be trusted with firearms”.  We all know where that leads.

UPDATE:  During the live chat event with the reporter Cheryl Thompson we asked:

It seems that an overwhelming number of the 341 reported on guns “more than 200″ were used by people who should have been incarcerated based on the previous article and in today’s article amazingly the “2 guns killed police officers” . Why are the investigations focused on the gun and not why these 200 plus criminals were not in prison?


“When I  started, I didn’t know how many of the suspects were felons. It wasn’t until I had examined all 511 cases that I learned how many were felons.”

Yet guns is a topic she has previously written on.  The focus was “crime guns” and trafficking.

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