A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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There is an old political adage:  "never let a good crisis go to waste" and here is a great example.  The Obama regime has declared that the terrorist attacks at Fort Hood, Texas by Nidal Hassan have now morphed from an act of terrorism, or mass murder if you prefer to "workplace violence".  If that's workplace violence, you might want to know what the government defines as terrorism.  Here's an insight into some of the "indicators"

How does the government benefit from all of this? 

The Heller decision put a wrench in the government plans, and not just federal government.  Heller took total gun bans off the table for at least several generations and McDonald was just a political exclamation point.  The government game now is about holding on to the real estate they can and hunkering down until they can make inroads by a bad (for us) court ruling. 

For generations now, Congress has been "delegating" rule making authority to Executive branch agencies in an effort to "regulate" criminalize as much conduct as possible, especially with regard to guns.  In "Monkey see, monkey do" fashion, local and state level governments did the same thing.  This clever scheme was ostensibly done so that Congress or State Assemblies didn't have to be involved in the day to day minutae of running the government.  However, what they did is essentially hire an army of bureacrats to administer every aspect of our lives, and do it completely out of the prying eyes of the citizens.  It’s not just one agency, but a combination of agencies who make up what is essentially a new American Stasi.  This permits the government to act against constitutional rights without people knowing about it, and by the time the people do know about it the damage is already done.  The "Workplace Violence" scam is government level buzz-phrase used to justify firearms bans or more encompassing weapons bans.  The Executive agencies define 'weapons' as bad, pass regulations and it gives Congress political cover to say to their constituents "we support your ability to defend yourself, it's the bad executive branch agency doing all the bad work.  Reelect me and contribute money to me to fix it"...  We continue to fall for this perpetual "good cop/bad cop" ruse.

OSHA is a particularly virulent anti-self defense entity, together with its state level cohorts seeks to regulate work places to the point of full disarmament.  This is good for the government because disarmed people are less inclined to stand up to armed government agents.  There are guidelines on weapons here, and here, the FBI comes out and plainly states employees should be sanctioned for bringing weapons into work (p16). 

Here's another tidbit from the same FBI pdf.


Other problematic behavior also can include, but is not limited to:
• A history of drug or alcohol abuse.
• Past conflicts (especially if violence was involved) with coworkers.
• Past convictions for violent crimes.
• Increasing belligerence
• Ominous, specific threats
• Hypersensitivity to criticism
Recent acquisition/fascination with weapons
• Apparent obsession with a supervisor or coworker or employee grievance.
• Preoccupation with violent themes
• Interest in recently publicized violent events
• Outbursts of anger• Extreme disorganization
• Noticeable changes in behavior
• Homicidal/suicidal comments or threats


This document is very good at propaganda, their effort to "reclassify" zero tolerance or to rebrand that phrase is cleverly worded to encourage creative language in an effort to make the policy politically acceptable.  This material is echoed in literally hundreds of local and state agency guidelines & regulations as well as the federal rules at the agency level as well as the CFR.  It's echoed in the private sector by so called "professional societies" of "Human Resources" workers. 

This is a coordinated effort.  If the government lacks a "study" they will contact a private industry group to ask for some support and come up with the study and conclusion they seek and it works the other way too.  These government and private groups go to great lengths to prohibit any kind of weapons available to anyone not a "special" person ( meaning they're a government agent ) under the guise of "workplace safety".  If these heavily regulated workplaces are so safe, and weapons causative of violence...

Where are all the news reports of workplace violence at gun shops, shooting ranges, gun shows and police departments?

The government now has another "statistic" to point to and the all too willing dupes in the drive-by-media are happy to parrot the talking points, sound byte headlines to help sway public opinion.  These are only a few examples of these regulating agencies acting against self defense, in Virginia a state agency intervened to ban guns at Blue Ridge Community College. 

Legislators love these agencies because they get political cover for increasing taxes, showing "need for revenue", and using the bad actions of these executive branch agencies as fodder to get political contributions.  These agencies need to be eliminated, scaled back and their authority severely restricted.  This is the only way we can break the cycle of "perpetual whack-a-mole" with laws restricting self defense, rules & regulations prohibiting any kind of weapon, work place rules that encourage rather than deter violence and policies which enable the bad people to act while punishing the good people.


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