A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

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It really is as simple as that.  So called ‘gun free zones’, whether implemented by a private entity, or by criminal statute, they KILL PEOPLE.  These so called ‘gun free zones’ apply only to those who are willing to obey the law.  Determined criminals, deranged psychopaths, rampage killers and terrorists are not the least bit impeded by these laws, regulations or policies.  Look for yourself <- It didn’t stop the killer.  Laws don’t stop killers.

It took police 20 minutes to arrive on scene 

John Lott (2010) reporting on many ‘gun free zone’ mass shootings  -  Mass shootings overwhelmingly occur where guns are prohibited.

Wait for the police, and people die in greater numbers  -  2.33 casualties in mass shootings stopped by Citizen first responders, 14.29 casualties in mass shootings ‘stopped’ by law enforcement.

People who vote for or endorse so called ‘gun free zones’ KILL PEOPLE.  It’s that simple.  These people take away your rights under the threat of criminal prosecution with you staring down the “barrel of a gun”.  These people are putting you and your family & friends in mortal danger.

Gun free zones kill people.  Those who vote for gun free zones kill people. Those who enforce gun free zones kill people.  They may not pull the trigger or put the gun in the trigger man’s hand, but they take the gun or weapon or tool of self defense out of your hands.


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