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The XDs 45, written about here remains flawless in function, and has been sending a steady diet of FMJ, and now more expensive hollow points down range.  

The new XDs .45 ACP is now wearing a new C5L light / laser combo from Viridian, plus now has a new holster.  Enough typing, on to the pictures




Now the new holster

The C5L is good for 100 lumens and throws a very distinct green dot out quite a ways.  Zeroing took about 15 shots and would have taken less with a little more decisiveness on what range to set it at.  If you can adjust a scope or red dot sight, this is very similar. The C5L has several modes- light only, laser only, both steady on, one steady & the other pulsing, both pulsing.  I find the laser stead with the light pulsing to be disorienting.  To me.  Seriously, it produces an almost trance like effect, so I settled on light steady, laser pulsing.  The battery is good for about an hour and though the light appeared to be ok, the laser began to dim, then quit altogether.  A new battery cured it. There are numerous reports of people stripping the threads on the battery housing.  Indeed, the cap is metal, the housing threads are plastic - be advised.

The dimensions are favorable to the XDs, as the pictures show.  It does add some girth but it is narrow for what it is.  It’s not quick on, or quick off, but, it is rock solid when installed. The laser zero does not seem to be impacted by recoil so far.  

Updated holster pictures:

Here’s a version 2.0 pocket holster for the XDS with a Viridian C5L attached.  This holster is made from a 6 ounce leather, which is much thinner.  The snaps worked out nicely, allowing the draw to continue without additional drag from the light/laser.