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2012: REPEAL!

by on Nov.04, 2011, under Uncategorized

Grover’s wrong.

“Third, remember who votes for you and why. The modern conservative movement is made up of people who, on the issue that moves their vote, ask one thing from the central government: “Leave me alone.” ”

That’s no longer enough for gun owners and it hasn’t been for a long time.  We can no longer accept ‘being left alone’ or picking the candidate who will infringe our rights the least.  It’s about how many restrictions they’re going to REPEAL in exchange for our support.  

Do NOT settle for a candidate answer “I strongly support the Second Amendment“.   Be ready for this dismissal and immediately follow it up.

“Great, so you will help us repeal unsafe federal lands restrictions on self defense.  Give me your contact information so we can coordinate submitting this bill.  No, not your campaign staff, YOUR contact information.  You want MY vote and my vote comes at a non-negotiable cost.”  There are many possibilities here, but the key is to immediately try to buttonhole this into a commitment.

Politicians are master manipulators of the spoken and written word.  They practice their craft of not being tripped up by a potential voter, or ensnared into actually doing work by a constituent.  Be prepared, don’t trust any answer you get from a politician and stay on your message.

Do NOT let the conversation continue at the phrase “enforce existing [firearms] laws”.  This is a “NO GO” for gun owners and you need to make sure that the candidate or politician clearly understands the status quo means electoral DEFEAT.  It’s about repealing firearms restrictions and we cannot afford to give our votes to candidates who advocate using the weight of government force against us.  That is after all what “enforce existing laws” means.

Being left alone is a concept of days long gone by.  There is no more “left alone”.  From taxes on your land and house that localities will seize your property for not paying, to state level eminent domain condemnations and other incursions to the ever increasing encroachment into every aspect of our lives by the federal government.  You can’t even breathe in the United States and not be impacted by federal regulations.

What can you do in the United States of America anymore that isn’t regulated by law or regulation?

REPEAL needs to be the 2012 battle cry.













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