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Who is really in danger during a traffic stop?

by on Jul.23, 2011, under Uncategorized

An interesting discussion has arisen out of the Canton, Ohio gun haters police department being caught on video abusing yet another innocent motorist.

In an article in the Examiner by Dave Workman is this:

“Smart cops, state troopers and sheriff’s deputies approach everyone as if they are armed. That’s probably a good assumption, considering that there are more than 370,000 Evergreen State citizens who are licensed to carry, and in the case of Open Carry activists, lawmen can tell at a glance if they are packing.” [emphasis mine]

What is being asserted here, that those lawfully carrying under the state CHL law or open carrying are a threat to law enforcement?   If so, that is a pretty shocking statement which ought to be backed up by proof.  Even if there is a “good explanation” there’s simply no correlation between the open carriers, CHL/CCW (permit holders) and any danger to law enforcement.  The whole premise is preposterous, especially as applied to those who have waded through the permit process.

Statements like the one above further amplify the myth that there is a need for ‘must notify’ laws like in Ohio and ‘must surrender’ laws like Arizona & Alaska.  The so called “professional law enforcement” lobby use statements like this from our side to cultivate a culture of “us vs. them”.  It drives a wedge between our respective communities that has to be undone.  We cannot continue to perpetuate this myth that CCW or lawful open carry threatens law enforcement.

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US House moves once again to curb ATF power grabs

by on Jul.13, 2011, under Uncategorized

House Appropriations Committee amends ’12 budget by stripping ATF power to restrict shotgun imports, register multiple sales of rifles, defeats the so called ‘watch list’ gun grab, among other restrictions.

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