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Why are some “pro” gun groups obstructing common sense gun laws?

by on May.13, 2011, under Uncategorized

Gun Owners of New Hampshire recently tried to essentially gut the permitless carry bill.

Back in March, there was this from Oklahoma:

blatant attack on gun owners rights, the Oklahoma Rifle Association (ORA) publicly announced their opposition to Oklahoma Senate Bill SB129 which would legalize open carry of firearms.  Oklahoma is one of only 7 states which prohibit some form of open carry and many people, through various pro-gun groups, worked very hard to get SB129 introduced.  Now in an inexplicable betrayal of its own members and gun owners across the United States ORA took a public stand against SB129.

Even earlier is the dust up over the Texas open carry bill.  There are numerous online discussions about this.

In November 2010, we had the Pennsylvania issue.  This is a long discussion and it could easily be a made for TV movie with more plot twists than a cheesy soap opera.

April, 2010 in Georgia – we had another dispute:

Mr. Hohenwarter answered questions about this at Snowflakes’ Our Interview with John Hohenwarter

All of this is nothing new though. As we previously mentioned -

Senator Tom Coburn, living up to his word from the hearing testimony above amended a critical bill on the Senate floor which passed and was signed into law.  That gun rights scandal? uncovered emails from NRA-ILA to Congress actively opposing language that permitted open carry or carrying long guns in National Parks & Wildlife Refuges.

Back in 2005, Montana Shooting Sports Association authored this tale.

It makes you wonder what is going on, and for how long has it been going on.  While some of the disagreements are philosophical and over language, others are fairly egregious betrayals.  These groups take money and effort from members to promote the right to keep and bear arms. At least some of these examples show exactly the opposite, some show petty infighting that costs all gun owners.  There are more examples out there and researching them reveals more questions than answers.

What does all this mean for gun owners?  It means that gun owners get corn holed.  We can point the finger all we want at whatever group we choose to demonize but the bottom line is as members of these organizations if we forgive this behavior – the obfuscation of good, pro-RKBA legislation, then we can expect nothing but the same until we stop funding & supporting the ones responsible.

It’s just another example of “gun rights theater“.  Don’t accept it.

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